Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Corporate Governance

Epena Law supports its clients in complying with governmental rules and policies. We provide professional corporate management consultancy services to companies and ensure their compliance with the applicable rules in its day-to-day operations.

Practice Areas Content:

We assist companies with:

  • Grievance Mechanisms: We prepare the company’s policy documents and code of conduct. In this framework, the focus is on reducing the risks to managers. Necessary grievance and adjustment mechanisms are established to prevent the emergence of further liability and address any negative behavior in the company.
  • Notifications: We make notifications to the relevant authorities about corporates changes such as the appointment of the board of directors, capital increase, or change in the company structure. We equally provide support in transactions such as the registration of the minutes and resolutions prepared by the company bodies with the relevant trade registry, obtaining the necessary permits, and making the necessary notifications to the public authorities.
  • Services for Foreigners: We provide services such as establishing companies in African jurisdictions, company secretarial services, keeping corporate books in accordance with the law to foreign clients. Further, we provide support in matters such as convening the ordinary general assembly once every financial year, notifications to the relevant authorities, and making proper and regular statements.