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Practice Areas

Energy Law

Energy, whether derived from fossil fuels or renewable sources, plays a crucial role in shaping life around the world, and it holds particular significance for Africa. Over the past decade, Africa has made impressive strides in transitioning to renewable energies.

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As countries in the region actively seek to enhance their energy capacity, they are creating promising opportunities for interested investors. At Epena Law, we specialize in providing advisory and legal services to international clients who wish to explore the African energy market. With our comprehensive understanding of the energy sector across Africa and the inherent challenges it poses, we assist our clients in various ways. Not only do we help them identify viable projects and stay abreast of market trends, but we also guide them through the often-complex regulatory landscape. Furthermore, we facilitate the establishment of valuable partnerships between our clients and governments, local companies, and other stakeholders within the sector.

Additionally, we offer support throughout the entire lifecycle of energy projects. Whether our clients require assistance with financing, obtaining approvals from relevant authorities, or restructuring projects, including mergers and acquisitions, we help them achieve their specific goals. Our expertise allows us to navigate through the intricacies of the energy sector, ensuring our clients’ success in this dynamic and evolving industry.