Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Fund Structuring

We have seasoned legal advisors that specialize in structuring and forming investment funds across different jurisdictions in the world.

Practice Areas Content:

Depending on various drivers such as tax incentives, the location of the investment or the team, we devise bespoke fund structures in the appropriate jurisdiction that meet the needs of investors while taking into account their objectives and industries in which the fund will invest. We equally assist in the appointment of fund managers, drafting and negotiating fund agreements, and the structuring of carried interest schemes in jurisdictions such as Delaware, UK, France, Luxembourg, Ireland, Mauritius and beyond. We cover all asset classes including but not limited to real estate funds, infrastructure funds, private equity funds and VC funds.

Our team is very knowledgeable in terms of fund regulation in different jurisdictions. We’ve assisted some regulators in the shaping and drafting of their fund regulations in certain zones of Africa such as West Africa. This puts us in a prime position to advise and assist fund managers in setting up their vehicles.

In addition to structuring the funds, we also assist at implementation level as we help the funds and fund managers obtain the requisite regulatory licences and approvals. Our expertise therefore covers the whole spectrum of the investment fund sector.