Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Private Equity And Venture Capital

We understand each fund is unique, each private equity client of ours receives a bespoke solution to their unique goals and portfolio. We know our private equity clients are likely to have a diverse spectrum of transactions and are immersed in deals which tend to be very financially sophisticated.

Practice Areas Content:

As such, we provide a suite of services and a range of expertise that speaks not just to private equity but also to the complementary disciplines that feed into it and are adapted to the African context. We act as sounding boards in times of uncertainty and can be relied upon to provide ahead-of-the-curve advice, positioning the fund for the greatest possible success in its dealings.

Our lawyers have long advised private equity funds in Africa and beyond, our private equity law practice is dynamic in its approach, always looking to position the client for the best outcomes and creating value that cascades down the entire private equity chain.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Advising on all aspects of fund formation, such as the structuring (e.g. suitability of limited partnerships, general partnerships, limited liability companies, or other corporate entities in the African and/or global market, master/feeder structures, parallel funds, blockers, alternative investment vehicles, co-investment vehicles etc.), capitalisation, organisation, fundraising, and all other legal, administrative and operational aspects;
  • Drafting fund documentation, including PPM, LPA, subscription documents, side letters and investment management agreements;
  • Negotiation between fund managers and drafting partners/shareholders agreements for general partners and management companies and services agreements for the fund managers;
  • Drafting, advising and negotiating investment, loan, sale and merger transactions for and opposite investment funds and advising on appropriate terms for each circumstance;
  • Assisting with the fund’s ongoing day to day activities, including writing legal opinions, amendments of the fund documentation, co-investments, agreements between the fund managers and negotiating the terms of borrowing from financial institutions (including capital call facilities);
  • Preparing exit strategies for private equity/growth investments, including providing, regulatory, and other related advice in this regard.